Sami Akli, head of the largest association of businessmen in Algeria, said that the Turkish economic model is a successful experience that can be inspired by, and enter international markets with products that are the fruit of a partnership between the two countries.

Akli said, “The Turkish experience is a successful model .. We, as Algerian businessmen, can walk together to succeed with a win-win partnership.”

The volume of exchange between Algeria and Turkey exceeded $ 4 billion in 2020, according to official data.

More than 800 Turkish companies are active in Algeria within several sectors, the most important of which are Tosyali Iron and Steel in Oran, in the west of the country, and “Tayal”, in partnership with the Turkish “Taipa” for textiles, in the state of Relizane (west).

In 2018, Turkey was at the forefront of foreign countries investing in Algeria with $ 4.5 billion, which contributed to creating 34,000 jobs, according to previous data from the Algerian government investment agency.