E-commerce in Turkey is achieving significant growth in 2020
The Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Warank, announced the growth of e-commerce in his country by 93% in the first half of last year (2020), compared to the same period of the previous year (2019).
This came in a speech delivered by Wrank, via “video conference”, today, during an event entitled “Covid 19 and society”, organized by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Authority “TUBITAK”.
The minister added that the Corona virus has changed the practices of societies and individuals in Turkey, as is the case in the world, and has led to several changes in many sectors, such as education, trade and the economy.
The minister, in the context of his talk about the changes caused by the Coronavirus, indicated an increase in e-commerce in his country and the world at large.
In another context, Wrank said that the initial indicators of the Turkish economy in 2021 show that the production sector has maintained its growth, without being affected by the second wave of the virus.